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    I'm seeing something weird in the Tasks application with webOS 1.2. It used to be that there was a box in the upper right that allowed you to pick which tasks to show. It contained "Due", "Remaining", "All".

    But now the filter in the upper right seems to control only the order of the tasks. It is a sort by filter. In the menu, there is an option for showing completed tasks or not completed tasks. However, there is no way to control whether only tasks that are currently due are shown or whether tasks that are due today and in the future are shown.

    What is even more strange is that in one of my lists, I'm only seeing tasks that are due. If I create a new task in the list and make it due tomorrow , then it disappears tomorrow. However, in a different task list, I'm seeing all my remaining tasks.

    But I can't figure out how to change that! Has anyone noticed this or found a way to configure which tasks are shown (more than just "show completed")?
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    Has anyone else noticed this or am I the only that uses the tasks application?
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    The Pre has a tasks application?
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    I noticed this too and it bugs me. I was using this to show me only tasks due. Now the only workaround is to sort by due date and the ones due are at the top. Why would they take away this filtering function and leave on the sorting?
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    I noticed the change to "List Ll Takss" too. Annoying, and potentially crippling, as I think we could only ever search within a task list. If you ever had to search for a task and didn't know which list it was in, you'd go to List All Tasks, have it show All, then start typing your search. Now, since List All Tasks does not in fact list all tasks, there's no global list within which you can do a global search!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob600 View Post
    The Pre has a tasks application?
    Yes but it sucks, in my opinion.
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    I used the tasks application all the time on my Treo. Are there any plans for a real tasks application? One that allows you to set recurring tasks and add alarms? The current application is pretty worthless in my opinion and I have not seen a homebrew app yet that does the same things as the old tasks.

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