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    Posted on their Facebook account:

    What’s new in webOS 1.2?
    We’re glad you asked, because we’ve got lots of new features and enhancements to tell you about in this new webOS update. (And we’re also glad you gave us lots of feedback, which helped to prioritize some of the features in this update.)

    For starters, we’ve beefed up Palm Synergy to include LinkedIn contact syncing. Info from LinkedIn profiles (like job titles) will now appear in your Palm Pre contacts. The new updatealso facilitates links across more different flavors of IM contacts. Business-oriented webOS 1.2 customers will also appreciate support for heterogeneous EAS policies (for workplaces with a mix of end-users in which some accounts support EAS policies and others don’t).

    And we heard your feedback on a number of topics loud and clear:

    We know you love email -- and you’ll really love the ability to filter the emails in the current folder just by typing a search term.
    You asked for the ability to download files in the browser -- and now you’ve got it.
    Music fans will be glad to hear that the Amazon MP3 Store can now download songs from either WiFi or WAN.
    You can now tap a phone number in a calendar note to dial it (so you can get to the joy of music-on-hold for your conference calls even faster!).
    Pause a podcast and, by default, you’ll pick up where you left off when you unpause.
    Web pages and emails are now cut-and-paste-able.

    You can expect an automatic over-the-air update to webOS 1.2 over the next few days, and you can find more info on the update in the release notes on the Palm website. Oh -- and if you’d like to leave us feedback or feature requests for our next update, we’re all ear: Post your comments at palm dot com/feedback.

    Jon Zilber
    I already plan to provide feedback on some of the much requested areas (IM support for Yahoo and MSN, battery life fixes for AIM, etc, notification sound configuration, among several others).
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    I also just posted on FB profile for Palm (maybe someone reads it?). Its a small gripe, but one I liked having just before the new update. I use the full FB site on the Pre and really love it! It shows all the features, including chat - which works - as well as new notifications! Facebook recently added the function to be able to tag people in status updates, but Palm's update to WebOS 1.2 apparently broke that function! :-(

    What you do is type the (@) symbol, then type a letter or two and a list of appropriate names comes in a dropdown. You still see the names, but when you select one, it just disappears vs. the full name being added and notification to that person being sent.

    What gives!
    Tweet, Twit, or Tw@t?

    Your signature needs to be less interesting than that post you just added....and QUIT begging for people to 'Thank' you, you tool

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