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    Everynight, before I put my pre on charge, I make sure I turn it off. But for some reason, when I wake up in the morning, ITS ON! ***! Does this happen to anyone else that you noticed??? Or do I have someone playing with my pre when I am sleep?? Please let me know, this is killing me!!!
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    I think you're haunted by the ghosts of phones previous.

    My Guess... putting the Pre on the charger turns it on.
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    Yea, its my Treo 700p & 755p ganging up on my pre! Naw, I did think of that so I plugged it in first a few nights ago and then shut it off. Waited about an hour or 2, went and checked it. It was still OFF. But when I woke up the next morning... Guess what, IT WAS ON!
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    The Pre always turns on if you charge it. Either turn it off at night and leave it off the charger, or put it on the charger and just leave it on all night >.>

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