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    Quote Originally Posted by bobwonderful View Post
    No worries here about bricking the Pre. Just get the next version of WebOS Doctor and reimage it. I've done it already, using the leaked 1.2 version then downgrading by accident to 1.1 which caused it to lock up and show just the palm logo.
    I've got my files backed up by syncing with the USB Drive with Freefilesync.
    The applications from the App Catalog are all backed up by the Pre on a regular basis. The only things not backed up are the File Coaster apps.
    One minor warning, data in SplashID is also not backed up--it will be lost to a hard reset or a visit to the doctor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fgcchevy View Post
    Just uninstall them correct? I do not have to remove the preware or do a hard phone reset?
    2nd this.. I read somewhere you have to uninstall preware as well? And if so do I have to also uninstall the package manager along with it? What all and how do you remove Preware adn the neccessary components step by step please I already removed all my tweaks and themes since i may not be near a PC when the update comes out and dont want to have to wait to do so.. Thanks in advance.
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    I untweaked a while ago, because I went out of the country for a few weeks, and was worried that my phone would automatically download the update the minute I turned my phone back on.

    Alas, I've been back for a week now, and I'm still waiting for the update
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    I'm just going to webOS DR that bad boy and start clean instead of wiping all the tweaks. I've installed and uninstalled many different apps testing and deciding the ones I want, same with tweaks and fiddling around with the underlying OS. Clean start is probably easier for me at this point instead of trying to remember what I've done or not done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiteboy182 View Post
    Ok I'm still fairly new to all of this tweaking stuff but so far, aside from a ton of home brew apps, the onlything I have done to me phone is enabled the ability to add and remove launcher pages and right now I am using 5 pages. My question is if I remove that tweak do I loose the extra pages that I created or just the ability to add and remove them. Also if I do automatically loose them where do the icons go? My other question is if I don't automatically loose those extra pages do I need to remove them too or just remove the tweak that allows you to add/remove them?

    Thanks in advance.
    Just loose the ability to add and remove. The pages stay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtn View Post
    Just loose the ability to add and remove. The pages stay.
    Thank you... so does that mean will I need to then remove the pages that I have added already or is ok to leave them on there?
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    I'm going to protest and delay installing 1.2 (just to let Palm know how it feels to have to wait). Just Kidding! I'll probably either not bother or let some other people install first.

    I'm not exactly sure of the boundary line between tweaks and applications. I'd be more concerned about applications that do "tweakish" thinks (like Virtual Keyboard and MyTether). I'll remove these two if I'm feeling especially cautious when the update comes out. No need to remove them ahead of time though, you can just say no to the update, then remove them, and then manually ask for the update.
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    MyTether will be a separate story: Palm said from the start to the webos-internals people not to produce a tethering application. (I have the feeling that the 1.2 update is taking so long because aonic came up with a workaround to the leaked 1.2 tethering fix. Sprint has probably asked Palm to come up with a better fix.) I would not be surprised to see the code around tethering to be substantially hardened. SO IF YOU WANT TETHERING, and are as paranoid as me, then TURN OFF UPDATES until you are sure how this plays out.
    So it looks like others are saying the "donated/paid" version of MyTether is still working. I'm glad my paranoia was unfounded!
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    Someone at Everything Pre says 1.2 is out already..
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    Just checked and its out... go get it
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    Guess the time is now....
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    I installed with some tweaks, carrier string, battery %, virtual keyboard. All the update did was reset them all to default. It deleted my tweaks, all of them
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    yikes, I installed the update (79mb) without removing tweaks, when the phone rebooted it removed the tweaks & said I had a 153mb update to install?! did I miss my pre up?
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    I installed 1.2 with the roam only hack in there and nothing exploded, but my roam only hack is gone....
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