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    So while waiting for my next class to start, I was browsing the web. I went to a site called joe blow which is a movie review site. While the page was loading up, a warning came up and said memory is critical,too many cards. The thing was that I only had my email app open and the joe blow website up. Anyone had this weird problem before.
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    Yup. Happened to me once. A restart cleared it up.
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    It happens, just restart the pre. don't know why it happens but you can do a search in the forums...been a bug that will need to be addressed by Palm
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    Browser is actually one of the more intensive apps on the Pre. There does seem to be a memory leak occasionally (the full facebook site will also suck down memory like crazy). Sometimes just closing all cards and letting it sit for 30 seconds is just as good as a reboot.
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    There's been several other threads that have speculated there's some memory leaks in WebOS (or the apps). A lot of folks (like me) do a soft re-boot (Orange-Sym-R) every few days, or whenever things appear a little slow ... or if they get a memory warning 8^).
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    Internet app is the main culprit. +1 to jbg7474 and davis.rob. Both options will work nicely.
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    O ok thanks guys that did it for me.

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