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    Goodmorning all.ok I was wondering if anyone who has installed the m.Vampire app have noticed their battery to drain a little quicker than usual.I have the 2600 siedio and ever since I put that app its draining a little quicker.idk it my just be me but I'm just throwing it out there to see if anyone else has noticed....
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    Are you actually RUNNING the app when you notice the drain? Just because it's installed, doesn't mean it's running and using CPU/Battery time.

    If you only have it installed but not running, your quest for battery drain lies elsewhere.
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    Hey thanx.I don't have it running in the backround just when I play it.but I have noticed that my stamina and timer are full again cause when I closed the app I had no stamina and the timer was running and then when I reopened it hours later or a day later it was full.but yeah you could be right,it might be elswhere.I still got to PM seidio so i'll see what happens.thancks again.
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    I'm pretty sure that the timers are kept up by their servers online. I know when they were homebrew I couldn't play if I had no internet access.
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    Yeah, thats server side in case you want to play on Facebook. That's what it is, a facebook app that competes with Vampire Wars.

    If you really want to dig into this, list out every additional program you have installed. there ARE some that do run in the background without active windows.

    Cellstalker, Where is my pre and Weatherman all come to mind.

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