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    Contract with ATT ends early October and I would enjoy having the Pre. Only thing, it has to be GSM as family/friends in Europe and Africa so would want to use it with local SIM (if unlock available of course) when traveling.

    At the mo', have 450 mins on Nation 450 Rollover plan and pay about $48/month total with 200 included $5/month text plan.

    Not much of a talker or texter (did have an extra family line but that line finished contract so canceled it). Just need to call wife and ask if I need to get milk or call companies to ask questions - that kind of thing. Wife has iPhone from work phone, so mobile to mobile minutes would be included. Only text few people (are you coming over etc.) so don't do texts as instant chat.
    Have a GPS unit for the car, but having something on a phone would be nice so I have one unit for all my needs.

    Was thinking about going pay as you go ($1/day I think - is that viable?) until a decent phone comes out on ATT or TMob - thinking Pre or even HTC hero - but wondered if any folks can give some suggestions on plans or what to do to wait it out until Pre comes to GSM.
    I actually canceled iPhone because ATT would not let me use the phone on its own - I had to have a data plan they said. Didn't want to pay an extra $20/month when I have constant WiFi where I live and work. I know all about it being a "smart"phone and needing data, but found an app that could block data - just wanted to use it as a normal phone but ATT said nah so am using an old faithful Treo 680 to finish out the time on the remaining line.
    The iPhone (2G) is out of contract now, and I have unlocked it thanks to Dev team and Pwnage tool.

    I know no-one knows for sure when (or if) Pre will come stateside as GSM, but am hoping some kind souls here can give some advice on what they would recommend. I don't want to start a new contract and then six months later Pre comes to ATT or TMob.

    Any suggestions? Stick with ATT or shift on over to TMob? Not worried about changing numbers so can ditch the current number. Spoke to someone today at ATT store and they weren't interested in keeping me as a customer. They said they can offer me $50 credit if I sign another two year commitment - [sarcasm]whooo-hoo[/sarcasm].

    Even thinking about not having a cellphone for a while if there's nothing worthwhile.
    Help please!!!
    Thanks very much.
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    HTC Touch Pro2 is your best bet , or the BB Tour.

    SPRINT offers both with unlocked GSM for non-US usage.
    I was thinking of getting one for the second line. But I dropped the idea. The price was ridiculous.
    $350 for touch pro2 and $199 for Tour ??

    I would say get a Free Pre from that letstalk .com
    (check the deal at
    But a use a cheap Nokia or Motorola when you travel.
    Or use your treo for international travel.

    Best thing is you might be able to use some of the PALM OS programs on Pre using the classic emulator.

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