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    I bought the pre a couple weeks ago and when i first got it i synced everything up through i tunes.. Then an update for i tunes came and now it doesn't work, is that what happend to everyone? or is my pre just messed up? We can't get songs on our pre any other way?
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    In the future please search for an answer before posting a thread as this topic has been covered ad nauseum and has also been in the news as well...

    In short, wait for frimware 1.2. It also may be advisable to get a 3rd party sync solution like doubletwist or missing sync...
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    Or roll back to v8.2 and don't let it update. (silly software won't let me post a link to 8.2, so you'll have to search for it yourself if you don't still have the installer.)
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    If I-Tunes starts to slow down Palm Pre software releases, I think they would be better served to put the appropriate hooks into WebOS and the SDK and allow the community to provide the i-tunes sync compatability.

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