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  1. Xyg
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    Today I went into the Sprint store I purchased my Pre from on launch day to have them order a replacement, as the power button on my particular launch day device had given out. This is only a few weeks after needing to get my significant others Pre of the same vintage replaced for the same issue.

    Talking with the Sprint rep, I was told that his device had the same issue and needed to be replaced. There was also another guy in the store exchanging his Pre for the same reason.

    So, with all of that in mind, and the increasing number of threads being created by folks having this same issue, I have to ask:

    Have you experienced this issue?
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    Had my Pre for 3 weeks now. No problems yet...
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    not me, but my bro's pre power button gotten stuck... so weird... only had it for 3 months n that happen :\ hmmm
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    if I even haven't had a power button failure..then u KNOW its not legit
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    Yes I had the power button issue, they replaced it, but the refurb model that they gave me has screen bleeding on the bottom left...turns yellow when really hot. :/
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    I dropped my pre and it damaged the power button causing it to not work unless you press on it really hard
    so I got fed up with it and took off the button cover and the button is sort of like a sticker I moved it around and moved the sticker and it works now
    but not as good as it did in the first place
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  7. pieler8's Avatar
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    I have the same Pre as lauch day, last week the power button started sticking and it doesn't click anymore. Still works fine. I've been dealing with it like that since then.
  8. zna03's Avatar
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    I dropped mine right on the power button and mashed it in within 2 weeks of owning it from launch day. Still have it, and still use the power button all the time. Sometimes it's a little difficult but I don't use a case so it's not difficult to press it in all the way.

    I tried to get it exchanged but I figure everything else is flawless so i'm going to just keep it how it is.
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    My power button is "soft" and only has a distinct click if I press it down while gently pushing it toward the back of the phone. Seems to work ok though.
  10. Xyg
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    It's starting to look as if this isn't as wide spread as I hypothesized.
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    You don't think 25% is widespread?

    Plus, I had to answer NO because I haven't returned my Pre - as my power button still works. However, the power button really really feels like it will fail given more time. It's a loose, wobbly, crappy design.
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  13. Xyg
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    My power button stops working every once and a while. But I haven't exchanged it.
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    Nope, then again I hardly use that, always slide open to turn on, and let it power down itself since auto off doesn't last that long.
  16. nkadambi's Avatar
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    The power button was unresponsive intermittently during the first two months of usage. Yesterday, it stopped working completely. To power on the phone, I am now forced to slide it open or use the "silencer" switch to toggle back and forth. I have to however wait 30 seconds for the phone to turn off when I am not using it. Earlier I would use the power button to do that. I'll try exchanging it. I do have insurance on it.
  17. grubish's Avatar
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    I am now having a the power button issue. Luckily, I work on blackberry and have been able to do a temporary fix by adding a small piece of a Blackberry screen connection "silicone" strip to the top of the connection. This takes away the tactile click when pressing but it works now. I will try to exchange it today. Wish me luck.
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    I also have the power button issues. I doesn't depress anymore. I kind fixed it by removing the button (it's easily removable) & placing a small piece of folded paper under it. It caused the button to raise & allow it to depress once again.
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  19. imex99's Avatar
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    Mine doesn't depress either. I'm still on my launch PRE and don't want to return it though....

    It's annoying but if I press really hard on the button area the phone will turn on/off. I'm waiting for 1 more problem, then will get replacement.
  20. Huff's Avatar
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    Mine has failed to respond but its not the power switch thats the problem. Momentarily removing the battery or holding the power switch down while pressing the up volume button for several seconds gets the phone to respond again. Doesn't happen often but has a few times.
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