View Poll Results: Have you needed to exchange your Pre due to a failed or defective power button?

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    Had mine now for a month.

    No "problems". Quotes because my power button never "clicked" from day one.
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    I've had my Pre for three days. I love it but, yes, the power button is very, very loose and I don't think its going to hold up. It hasn't failed and I haven't tried to replace it. It has a warranty code date of 10/15.
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    Yes, I've had the power button fail on one of my previous Pres.

    Why was this poll closed?
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    sure has, after 3 months. can make it work by pushing REALLY HARD on it.
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    Yes....took it back to sprint and they switched it out...
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    I just went to the sprint store to have them look at my power button as well. The guy said he would switch another button off another unit when he gets them in at the end of the week. Will a new button fix this issue??
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    happened to me too
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    Yes, the power button on my Pre stopped working. A resourceful Sprint tech told me she could fix it by slipping a thin strip of plastic into the switch. It works perfectly now (and she allowed me to keep my launch day Pre!
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    mine was stuck and barely worked but I dropped my phone from about 2' up and it was as good as new! But after a while it got stuck again so I don't recommend doin that.
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    My pre had the same issue of having to depress the button really hard, which i figured wasnt good for it, so i took it in to sprint. They told me to wait twenty minutes, so i grabbed a beer from the bar, and when i came back it was good as new. They did ask me to unlock my pincode at first though... I was kinda disturbed by that.
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    Got stuck. A very small piece of eraser fixed it.
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    no problems here(Knock on wood), had since launch and drop it constantly, guess i've been lucky so far
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    the problem i have is i press the power button and the screen takes a few seconds to turn on. unsure if it is actually the power button or software related
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    Quote Originally Posted by influenze View Post
    the problem i have is i press the power button and the screen takes a few seconds to turn on. unsure if it is actually the power button or software related
    my guess is that that is software.

    the vote is closed, but my power button is all good, in case anyone is still counting.
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    6/16 pre still going strong with no problems here
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    I had the power button problem. Since I didn't want a replacement for an otherwise perfect launch-day Pre, I decided to look on this forum for a solution which I found. Simply placing a small piece of paper under the power button is the solution.
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    Mine quit working after being dropped less than a foot. Did not even leave a mark. Took it to sprint last night and he fixed it. When he handed it back, there are scratches (tool marks) all around the power button and now you have to REALLY press it to get it to work. I told him there was no way that was good enough, as next time I go in they will see the damage and blame me. They are sending me a new one. He said that is the primary problem he sees with pre's.
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    Why was this poll closed? Is/was the issue temporary? I would think with all the new Pre's being sold, the poll would be used to track the problem, to see how big an issue it is. 19 out of 79 total respondents had the issue. wow. (...a 25 % failure rate is very high)

    I've seen quite a few post about folks having the power button repaired, does Sprint decide to fix the button, or replace the Pre?

    ..a build quality issue of the original Pre? ....another reason to consider a Pre Plus?

    just wondering.
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    My power button crapped out about 2 months ago (launch day pre) instead of dealing with the hassle of taking it in and getting a new one I just popped off the plastic and inserted a small bit of eraser. It now works better now than it did before
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