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    I was afraid of this happening. I exchanged my first Pre because of various issues such as the touch screen not working. The replacement has a very noticeably loose slider. I realize there is supposed to be some play on the slider, but this is really bad! UGH!!! I hope Sprint takes it back and orders another replacement.
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    You are right in the fact that the slider will have some play...if you feel that there is too much then get it replaced.
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    I've had my Pre since launch day and the power button failed, so I got a replacement through the standard warranty (had to go through retentions, of course). My original pre was perfectly tight. No play at all. The new one has a pretty significant amount of left-to-right play in the slider, but it's only really noticeable if I push it in that direction. The reason I haven't returned it yet is that I'm starting to wonder if this is intentional.

    My current, perfect-fit pre has actually become a tad bit annoying to open, and I can see wear marks in the top of the keyboard area from the slider. I'm wondering if the play is a tweak from Palm to keep the parts from wearing so hard on each other. Any insights there? I guess I'm just not sure what is "too much" play.

    I was a bit amused when I stopped into the Sprint store to ask for some advice on the issue. The rep said the repair center probably wouldn't see it as an issue and that they all have some play in it. I then showed her how tight my current Pre is and then showed again how much horizontal play was in the new one. When I did that, she said, "Well don't keep doing that, you'll make it worse!" How exactly can you make something worse that supposedly isn't a problem in the first place? ;-)

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