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    Oh, and the "unit" is kilobytes (kB), and a million of them are called a gigabyte (GB).
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    I've gone over 5 gigs numerous times. Not just by a few hundred megs I'm talking about couple gigs over. Not just with my pre either. Touch pro too never heard a word from them
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    In his best 'Jules' voice:

    Say units again. Say units again! I dare ya, I double dare ya, you ************! Say units one more g-damn time.
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    So i guess i used about 5 Gunits? thats alot more units of data than i ever thought my data unit plan allowed. yea i bet pandora would take up alot. i used it all the time too so pandora is probably calculated into that number as well. We're talking all day long at work. 8 hours a day of pandora. lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by counterbond View Post
    So i used the mytether app for about 2 weeks for daily internet use (watching movies, listening to music) and i ended up getting a pretty sweet bill lol. Just curious if anyone else got a bill with more or less data usage and what is the cap? Did i go past the cap?

    http: // jpg (remove spaces from jpg and //)

    basically i hit 5.5 million units of data lol
    I use 3-4gb of data on my pre some months WITHOUT tethering, so that's not TOO bad..

    But comeon.. If you're going to use mytether, stay away from video! Sprint frowns but doesn't do much for this now, but we don't need to **** them off.
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