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    I'm not sure if I'm imagining things but I swear after changing colors on my calendar the events on my calendar no longer have to reload when swiping (right to left) through the days.

    I had pretty much given up on the calendar because of the lag but still use it on occassion.

    I have aprx 6 calendars and used the default colors assisgned to them.

    My google calendar is the default calendar and is green, one of my other calendars is also green. Viewing my events in day view displayed all the different colors but I was unable to distinguish what calendar my green events were coming from since they shared the same color.

    So I changed my default color on my google calendar to a different color (teal) and made sure none of my other calendars are sharing the same color.

    Much to my suprise I noticed right away that my events no longer had a lag loading when swiping though the days!

    I still get the greyed out transparency when swiping but the events are loaded and it only takes a second or less for that to disappear.

    Like I mentioned I'm not sure if this is pure quackery and why this would make a difference but I may go back to using the calendar again.

    Would be interesting if others experience the same thing.
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    If thats the case, that is sure one easy work around for calender lag. Hope it's true!

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