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    Anyone know how to get all contacts from the Pre to sync with gmail account? (including facebook contacts, etc.) I want all contacts backed up to gmail in case I need to switch to a different phone...
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    don't think this is possible, why would you need to back up facebook contacts?
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    I also want to get all my contacts from my Pre to gmail....any contact that I've added since getting my Pre is transferred to gmail...but I'd like to get all the others over there as well.
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    I am curious as well. I want all my phone numbers to sync with google voice. I know that new numbers I enter will but I want all my old ones that were ported from my previous phone to sync.
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    also curious about this.
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    Been asking about this for a few weeks now.... Don't think it's currently possible. Palm Profile contacts will not sync with Gmail currently. Only new contacts get added to the Gmail contacts list.
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    The only way to do this without manually re-entering the data would be to first sync the Pre with outlook via 3rd party app and then import the outlook contacts to gmail. There are various outlook sync solution out there like chapura missing sync etc. Yeah not the best solution....
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    The reason why Vick and deihmos, is that I have now culled my contact list down (deleted a bunch of the facebook stuff which I do not want on my phone) and I do not want to download all facebook contacts again to my next phone. Get it?
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    So no answers I guess, eh? :-(

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