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    Has anyone developed or started to develope an application for content?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocHemi View Post
    Has anyone developed or started to develope an application for content?
    Well ... I think Audible says they're working on it.
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    Email audible requesting the service!!!! I did and they said it's in the works.....
    Email a Question
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    Yes. app plz.
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    Just got off the phone from Audible, they are indeed now working on an app for the WebOS (as well as Android).

    It should be available in about 2 to 3 months.

    Also, if any of you have credits that you have not used and your subscription is about to end, and you don't want to lose those credits, call Audible directly (this can't be don't over the web), they are offing a $5 plan that will allow you to roll over all of your unused credits until the WebOS version comes out and then you can do a regular subscription at that point.

    If you use all of your credits while on this $5 plan, and you wish to purchase a book without credits you will be charged the full price of the book, which is not a great deal.

    So just use up your credit and hopefully by then the WebOS version will be out.

    I've also asked that someone from Audible leave an Official Statement here on so that everyone knows what I am saying is real and that they are with us.

    So finally, we can relax, it is coming!

    Hope this was helpful to some of you!


    PS I posted this in other Audible threads!
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