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    also the heat generating feature will keep my nuts warm in winter months.
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    I do feel there should be a disclaimer if being used for this purpose.

    Palm Pre has not been evaluated by the FDA for the use as contraceptive. Side effects include pregnancy, sweaty genitals and need to raid the fridge. Palm Pre does not prevent the transmission of sexual transmitted diseases.
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    I wonder if someone should make an APP to use extra power and heat for this.

    I guess there isn't an app for everything after all... Maybe we'll have an app the iphone doesn't....
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    From what I understand most apple products has this app built into the hardware.

    For example:

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    You'll get more dangerous, broad-spectrum radiation (even cosmic radiation) from standing out in the sun then using your cell phone while indoors.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brain_ReCall
    I'm an Embedded Software Engineer. My idea of a Good User Interface is printf().
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaser999 View Post
    It may not necessarily be radiation that causes problems with power sources. Sitting by high voltage power lines can expose you to electrons flying at random off the power source.. which is why they don't advise you to live close to high power voltage lines that are in the air. Is it safe to put a lithium ion battery up to your head for extended periods of time? I don't know.
    More old wives' tales based on a lack of simple science. You're constantly being "exposed" to electrons because the atoms you're made of are filled with them. Power lines don't make them "fly off at random", in fact they're conductors so they do the opposite. Rubbing rabbit skin against a glass rod would give you more scary random electron hopping.

    I don't know who the "they" is you're referring to (or if you do either), but power line scare tactics was just eco-fraud nonsense that was a fad in the 70s. Just like microwaves "radiating" your food.

    As far as holding a battery up to your head, I don't even know how to respond to that one with a straight face. It's a chunk of a lithium compound (metal) with some graphite. The voltage and current levels are a fraction of that in a light bulb. No voodoo involved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    So I guess in summary, I would worry more about the heat from the cell phone affecting your sperm count than the radiation.
    You should be much more worried about public embarrassment due to Short-Term-Front-Pocket-Vibrate-Mode than urban legend long-term radiation exposure.
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