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    so i went jeeping with some friends... one of them had this really nice hand held GPS... and i wanted to compare my pre. when i dial ##gps# i had different latitude and longitude then him... but not by much... but what was WAY off was my altitude. he had just over 4000 feet and i had 1309 feet

    question: are there different quality and types of gps radios?

    can the palm pre be a really nice gps if the software was better or something?
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    I just did that (##GPS#), and it nailed me down to the part of my house I'm in (popped coords into Google Maps), but the altitude is off... I'm about +25 and it shows -14
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    If you love the outdoors you should buy one of these. I use one with my pre for when I go boating and is about 95% accurate. Even if you have no bars of signal, this will still find gps service.
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    i have a few ideas as to what is going on, but im not really sure.

    it may be due to assisted GPS. it might not be calculating everythign as precicely because it's unnecessary for normal routing.

    a gps unit though, once it has a lock on your position, should have the same accuracy in all directions. its possible that there is a software glitch, and it is simply reporting the wrong altitude.
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    GPS "elevation" can be way off:

    1-Mean Sea Level, GPS, and the Geoid
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    How do you use the bluetooth gps with a pre?

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