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    I understand people are able to use their Pre overseas in PDA mode, but I'm curious how long you can use the Pre off network. If I was overseas, say for 6-12 months, would I be able to use the PDA functions of my Pre for my PIMs and medical applications? I'm asking because I read a post in this forum of an individual that cancelled his service and was essentially left with a brick on his hands. I have a feeling if I am off the Sprint network for a prolonged period of time I would have a similar problem. Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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    I was in Lisbon, Portugal for a week. PDA-type functions work as long as the app doesn't have to access the network. If you have wi-fi, you'll be fine. however, you won't have navigagion. for some reason, i couldn't send email out of lisbon. i don't know why, and since i was on vacation i really didn't care so i didn't look into it. unfortunately, the way alot of the pre apps work they need access to the internet to operate. again, if you have wi-fi, you should be fine. if not, better find a gsm pre. hope this helped. When you say "off the Sprint Network" do you mean you're going to stop paying sprint? if so you will probably be out of luck at some point. if you continue to pay they would breach their own contract. be that as it may, if you do not have access to a cdma network of any kind, sprint probably wont be able to do anything to your phone.
    another thought you need to think about is this: regardless of what anyone may say, the pre is NOT a PDA. Productivity is not the pre's main purpose. right now it excels at helping you keep your contacts and schedules easy to manage. but its not a treo as far as productivity is concerned in my opinion. and again most of the apps need to access the network or the internet to function and update. find out exactly what the apps you want to use recquire before heading out with the pre in hand hoping it will be usefull.
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    I might get shot down for this but.. in that usage scenario, might you be better off getting a second hand ipod touch? or even a palm TX or the like?

    Oh and keep safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    I might get shot down for this but.. in that usage scenario, might you be better off getting a second hand ipod touch? or even a palm TX or the like?

    Oh and keep safe!

    I certainly hope you wouldn't get shot down for it. It's VERY good advice.

    Using the right tool for the job is almost always a good thing.
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    Thank you all for your advice and recommendations. To "thegov," I guess it's just now dawning on me, even though I've read it at different times, that the Pre really is not a PDA device. I agree complete with your statement that's its main focus is not about PDA functionality, but an extension of the internet and cloud computing, which if I wasn't going to be out of country so long, would be a great fit for me at this point in time. It seems clear as day now, thanks! To "CGK," thankfully I'm a PDA geek and already own a Treo 755p and Palm T|X. I've been having battery issues with my 755p and had been thinking that now I have a wonderful excuse for upgrading to the Pre. Looks like I need to take the pragmatic and responsible approach and just buy a couple more batteries and think about upgrading to the lastest and greatest Pre when I return.

    Thanks so much. Cheers,


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