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    Has anyone had problems with the USB cable that came with your Pre?

    I bought my Pre on release, so the cable is coming up on 4 months old. But for a long time now, I've had to fiddle with the cable any number of ways to get it to make a proper connection. The intermittent connection used to only affect whenever I connected the phone to the computer, but now it barely works to the point that I'm having to revert to the car charger to keep my Pre juiced.

    What's worse is the fact that I've gone to a number of electronics stores, none of which carry USB-to-MicroUSB cables; even more annoying, my trips to Best Buy or Radio Shack have only gotten me employees trying to sell me a new $30 charger in lieu of the $3 cable.

    I've already ordered a replacement cable over Amazon, but just wanted to gauge everyone's experience with the QA (or lack thereof) of their in-box cables.
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    The cable that came with the pre was actually a lot heavier duty than a standard cable. Atleast IMHO.

    But I lost it. So I bought a couple at and they both work just fine.
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    I have the same problem. I've gotta wiggle the cable around and orient my phone in a specific way in order to get it to charge.
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    Same here. seems like too much stress on where the cord connects to the end that plugs into the computer or the pre. maybe they made it cheap on purpose so ppl buy the touchstone lol
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    happened to two of my cords.

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