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    So I have had my Pre for about a week and a half. I noticed some oreo twist to it and sometimes it would randomly turn off in my pocket, on the table, wherever. On top of that I saw one or two pixels goin out. Overall, I didnt care about any of that much but the other night I dropped it and it cracked a very small edge of the phone.
    No big deal for me, as I work at a Best Buy here in Iowa. So I took my Pre in and swapped it for a new one under my 30 day return policy. My manager and I take it out of the box and I immediatly noticed that the Home button is a different color (old one was a darker chrome like color, this one looks like a clear button with a milky white glow). I play with the phone in hand and it had no oreo twist, felt a lot more stable actually. Also, it came out of the box with 1.1 installed and no PRL update needed. After playing with it somemore I noticed that the power key was a little softer and easier to push.
    Now I could be wrong but it seems like this Pre is an updated version of the first one I purchased. Could this be true? Anyone know anything about this?
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    take it back now if you can get away with it
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Your description of the "new" Pre sounds exactly the same as my week one Pre aside from coming with 1.1 on it. I haven't seen any Pre's with a darker chrome like color button but outside of the Sprint employee Pre's I demo tested (they don't have demo models here.) I don't know anyone else with a Pre so I have no comparison.
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    I have a launch time Pre and it is definitely different than the Pre's of late. (but not necessarily better) My brother got one a few weeks ago and these are the physical differences.. .

    Mine: More rubbery feel to keyboard. Center button is a pearl / milky color (original style).

    His: Slippery feel to keys. Center button is a silver color and more pronounced. Power button sticks out more too. Unfortunately his has a terrible oreo effect going on and it's already his 2nd one.

    Doesn't sound like Palm has fixed much of anything. Just changed up a bit. Guess I got lucky with mine but I went through 3 the first week it came out.. .
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    So are there any disadvantages to having one or the other?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ketsaiga View Post
    So are there any disadvantages to having one or the other?
    More just a preference I guess. I personally like my original one just because I like the keyboard feel better, seems more "grippy". I'm just completely disappointed that the slider / oreo problems just never got resolved. They did fix the battery being too small and shutting off expectantly though. If you get one that's reasonably tight, (a little wiggle is okay) keep it! It's been a gamble for a handful of us since day one.. .
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    hmm that makes sense... thanks, i just didn't know there were different builds out on the market

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