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    Long time browser, first time poster. Love my Pre....except...I have a slight Oreo effect as you guys call it, and being a perfectionist it drive me crazy. I've had the phone about 40 days.

    If possible, could I take my phone to a Sprint store and get a replacement because of this? Does "Oreo" qualify as a defect that would allow me to exchange it? I purchased my phone at a Radioshack.

    I do have insurance on it.

    I've thought about intentionally "bricking" it just so I could get a brand new one, would this extreme measure be necessary?

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    first of all you cant brick ur phone completely without actually breaking it thats what webos doctor is for lol but you just may be able to exchange it for one thats in better condition just depends on how nice you are to the sprint rep you get stuck with lol be careful you may get a refurbished phone back. not that its bad to get refurbished but some people dont want refurbished
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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