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    So I just made the switch from the tour to the pre, and I gotta say. I'm lovin this phone!! The only thing I noticed aside from the oreo thing which I guess is normal is that the back of the pre gets really hot when I make a call or use the ohone for a lenghty period of time. Is this normal? Sorry if this is a noob question I'm just wondering. Thanks in advance for any tips
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    yes this phone does that its normal with a new phone ,once the battery has been used for two to four weeks in wont be quite as bad . also go into your apps and find location icon ,its on last page unless you moved it and turn off those location gps and background info gathering , make sure those three are turned off that may help. also instead of having email check every 15 min set it to like once every hour .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    the heat may been cause from the phone updating itself. I remember when I first had the phone it was warm. Now it doesn't get warm unless I'm on a lengthy phone call.

    As far as the oreo thing, some versions do have slightly larger gaps and may display a very slight twist. So unless it is severe then everything may be normal.

    Also make sure the phone is updated. The 1.1 may also reduce some of the heat.

    Enjoy the Phone

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