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    Okay,... When I got my Touchstone I put it on my computer desk and when it goes into standby the screen goes black and shows the time at the top. Whenever a new message or email came in, I was able to select it and everything was great!

    Something changed and now when my Pre is on my Touchstone, the screen always has to be unlocked to access my messages. It's getting really annoying!

    Dumb question.... what do I have to do so that my Pre does not get locked when on the touchstone?
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    This was a change introduced is WebOS 1.1 if memory serves. I'm not fond of it either. You could try using an old WebOS Doctor to restore to v1.04 if you really want it back, just be sure to disable updates otherwise you'll be forced back to the latest version eventually.
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    if the keyboard is kept open i believe it never locks.... you can try that not as cute but would still serve your purpose
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    Try avoiding going back to OS 1.04 if at all possible but the last poster was correct.

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