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    I am a non-techie and the Pre is my first smartphone. All of my contacts and my calendar reside only on my phone (not on Google, etc.). Does Palm back those up? After reading the precentral overall review of the phone and Palm's own literature, I assumed they were backed up in your palm profile. After reading numerous threads here, now I'm worried. I trashed my paper calendar and address book after getting the Pre, feeling like I had finally joined the 21st century. If Palm does not back up the contacts and calendar info residing only on the phone, how can I export that information to Google so that I have a backup? Thanks for any help.
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    Yeah. I'm not sure what Palm actually backs up nor do I trust them enough not to have my data backed up in other ways. With that said, I have my data backed up on Google. So, assuming that you have a Google account already set up, go to contact preferences and add account. once you add your Google account on your Pre then sync. after you finish that do the same in calendar. go to calendar preferences and add your Google calendar then sync. your set.
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    Thanks. I have a Google account set up and added as an account in both the calendar and contacts. I have manually synced both. But the contacts I had in the Pre did not show up in my google contacts. Same goes for the calendar. Stuff in my Pre Calendar did not migrate to my google calendar. I now have Google set up as default for both, but can't figure out how to get my existing info to migrate. Thanks again.

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