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    Hey folks.

    I have three files that appear on my Pre but do not appear when hooked up as a USB device. The three files are video files. They do not run, but report that they are taking up about 1.7 gig of space.

    I can't run them, I can't delete them, I can't find them. I have enabled the browser to show hidden files and still, no joy.

    Any suggestions?? I'm at a total loss of what to try next.

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    where r they located on ur pre i will look on mine and see if they r there
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Go into your download folder. I notice sometimes downloads that don't complete will still be stored on the phone with no way of seeing them on the phone. You have to go and delete them using your computer. Sometimes they don't get stored in the videos folder.
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    How did they get onto your Pre, and how/where do they "appear"?
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    Ya tried an on-device deletion with Internalz?
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    Nope didn't know about internalz. I'll try it.

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