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    I've started several conversation and NOT closed them, yet only one is "sticking" and available when I launch the app. Has anyone had this issue? It's almost like the app is corrupted. I searched the boards but didn't find a reference to this issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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    weird, this happens to me too! i am clueless, however
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    happens to me too with one person... :\ everything is saved so if i search that persons name and open it everything is there but i cant close or keep the convo open...
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    Very strange. At least I'm not alone in this Hopefully someone will come up with a solution; I'd rather not have to wipe the Pre and start over again.
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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    I had this problem too after deleting entire conversations by swiping the conversation off the screen and hitting "Delete." Apparently there is a bug with this functionality, so I wouldn't recommend deleting entire conversations in the future.

    I searched here and the best solution I found is to delete the contacts that this is affecting. In my case, I am syncing with Google and Facebook. In order to get this to work, I had to first unlink the Facebook profile before deleting the contact. After re-adding the contact and then relinking with the Facebook profile, the conversations show up again.

    Since I'm using Google to manage my contacts, I first did an export from Gmail to a CSV file. Then after I deleted the contacts from my phone and confirmed the deletes synced back to Gmail, I used the import function to bring these contacts back. This saved me from having to re-enter data. However, the import function does seem to screw up how birthdates and anniversaries are stored, and it won't add back a contact picture, so you'll need to check/update these manually.
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    Wow, that's a lot of stuff to do, but worth it. I won't be deleting a conversation again, that's for sure! Thanks for taking the time to detail a solution.
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    This just started for me to! I deleted all my conversations and now they wont show up. I was going to wait till 1.2 comes out in hopes that it fixes it. My other thought was a partial erase, but i dont want to have to reset everything up.
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    OK, i just deleted/re-added my exchange account (like jeepjay said) and my conversations are back. I guess i wont be deleting my conversations anymore.
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    ok, thanks for this option. Then HOW do i solve the problem in the future of messaging slowing to a crawl when there are many many conversations open please?
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    Okay, that did work, conversations restored.
    However, if I can't delete conversations and rely and a new text to start a new one, what should I do when messaging slows to a crawl seemingly because of all the conversations that I have open?
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    I dont have en exchange account @.@; I was about to make a new thread, but searched and found this one.

    No Conversations eh...

    Think this is reason enough to bring it in to the store?
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    I think it's reason enough to pop over to palm and write up a bug.
    Seems easy enough to reproduce.

    It's not a hardware problem so there's nothing they'll
    be able to do for you at the Sprint store, short of forcing you
    to delete your contacts and start over.

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    I know it's completely a software issue. They'd more than likely do a factory wipe at the store and have me log back into my Palm profile to sync everything back up. lol, its just looking a bit ratty now, not like June 6. I just don't have the Deductible for insurance right now :/

    It's just also a bit annoying to go through the alphabet to see if i missed any texts as well.
    Anyone have an idea of how often it syncs to the Palm Profile? I don't want to wipe everything and have lost the last few pieces of data I save to the phone.
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    You can force it to backup any time from Backup app.

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    thanks. Will do

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