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    Has anyone noticed an increase in battery life after installing a theme?

    I've been using the Beach Theme and while I usually would go down to about 0-15% at the end of the day, I've been getting 20%-30% now.
    I may be wrong... and unfortunately I didn't have BatteryMonitor checking my battery.

    I know this seems absurd, but there has to be something I've been doing that is leaving me with more battery.
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    ur right it does!!!
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    I've actually noticed this as well. I thought it was ridiculous that themes would be the cause. But instead of my previous -9% per hour (moderate usage), I've been getting about -5%.
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    Your battery gets better over time like two to four weeks . This could be what is going on .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    This isn't to do much with the themes, but I've noticed my battery power drop dramatically since I've bought my pre back in August. I'm losing about 15 % an hour now with wifi off and my email updated just once an hour.
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    My battery has got much better over time too. I can get closer to getting a days use. I am a heavy user
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    I bought my Pre a week after launch date.
    I sent it back in because of 2cm gap.

    I'm using the same battery, just on a "new" refurbished Pre... so my battery is not new.
    I'll keep checking though... I should have used batterymonitor, but oh well.

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