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    I also use handbrake but have recently discovered mp4 files in the torrent directories
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    Hey nick, I have tried it and it still doesnt work... is that what you use?? I have tried dvdfab, handbreak and zune, and I still get the same thing.. error.. I quess I will just watch movies on my 65 inch
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdhu2001 View Post
    I don't use DVD Fab, but I do use DVD Catalyist. If Fab has a iPod or iPhone setting, you shouldn't need to do anything other than convert to that setting. It works great on my Device if I use iPod or palm setting. Convert, watch the movie, and see if you need to tweak the setting later.
    I downloaded DVD Catalyst per your recommendation and really appreciate the suggestion. Am currently watching Secret of My Success on my Pre! I have to figure out how to convert newer DVD's, but I figure with a little tinkering I'll hopefully figure it out eventually.

    God bless!
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    Just used DVD Catalyst and copied the movie over to my Pre - is there a trick to getting the Pre to see the file - all I get is "Your video library is empty".

    Is there a specific location on the Pre I need to copy the files - create a folder or put in an existing folder?
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    make sure the movie is 480 W X 320 H. I kept ripping in the original size format.

    Hope this helps.
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