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    I read some months ago that there is a possibility to develop something together with amarok (one linux media player). That would be really nice, cause the Linux people could also use it (not like this....iTunes). But don't blame me if im wrong, i just read it on an internetpage
    I think your information is a little outdate.

    There are a whole host of linux players that can already sync with the Pre.

    Of the top of my head, there's rythmbox, amarok, exhaile, banshee and songbird.

    I've been using Banshee lately because I like the way it handles cover art.

    I'm sure that at least a couple of the linux players have Windows and Mac versions as well.
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    Yeah u are right. But i mean a collaboration between Amarok and Amazon. So u can download ur music over the Amarok player, ur videos and so on. (i would prefer rhythmbox,but..*g)
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    gotcha. I'm really not sure one way or the other but I'll take a look through my players when I get home just for curiosity's sake
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