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    I was watching a youtube video on my Pre, halfway through I paused the video and opened cards for email and web browsing. I had some other things to do so I placed the phone aside. When I returned a few minutes later the phone was super hot to the touch. I closed the card with the youtube video and the phone started to cool down. I'd hate to think what would have happened if I hadn't returned.

    p.s. I did not have it plugged in at the time and the screen locked as usual.
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    it heats up like any new smart phone when using alot of data(streaming video in this case)....It should not harm the device though. try running pandora and sprint nav at the same time for an hour drive...almost too hot to keep on my thigh while driving!!!!

    The Iphone 3gs has been having problems with the white units being discolored by the heat. I personally think its the slow progress of battery tech that is causing these devices to get so warm...I mean seriously, these batt's are the same one I have in my 2yr old centro!
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    this is just one of the really cool features palm added for us. Its designed to keep your hand warm in artic climates.
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    LMFAO!!!! Hand warmer.... that's rich!!!
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    So I'm not the only one who listens to Pandora while driving! I wish they'd make the checkmark circle a little bigger...

    I also like the heat feature. Keeps me from holding the Pre when I am driving, using GPS, talking, on it, and listening to Pandora. Definitely will be safer to have both hands on the wheel when I am driving off the road into trees!
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    I've gotten mine really hot that it rebooted itself. Twice I was downloading a video file using my tether and out of no where just reboots
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    ...and your point is?

    The Pre gets VERY hot while using gps/data/no signal. Nothing new here....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    ...I personally think its the slow progress of battery tech that is causing these devices to get so warm...
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    Being such a nice compact phone with powerful hardware, what do you expect?
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    As long as Palm made sure that all the internal components and the outer casing were thoroughly heat tested through multiple cycles, I guess we shouldn't worry. But it surprised the hell out of me a few nights ago when I was trying to stream the latest PalmCast with drPodder. I wasn't running anything else -- no GPS, no video, no roaming, no tethering -- and the Pre got so hot it was uncomfortable to hold. I shut down the Pre for 5 - 10 minutes and then started up again. It was fine after that.
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    This has been discussed a bit more in this thread:

    Basically, if you pause streaming .mp3's, (maybe streaming video as well) the Pre goes into some sort of loop where it's actively trying to keep the connection open. You're better off (with drPodder anyways) just hitting back, and then resuming play (since it bookmarks)
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    well what do you expect with the data your streaming on the cpu now when they get the gpu going it will not be anywhere near that bad as far as heat goes ,lol.
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