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    I lub it!

    Here's the latest (smack on the hand for

    Link coming....
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    Link broken...

    EDIT: I guess third clicks the charm... Weird...
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    Thank god! I really did not want to switch to sprint!
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    Thank god! I really did not want to switch to sprint!
    Sprint has the best price plans though! Unless you don't get reception with Sprint at your house or something(but even then it should just switch over to Verizon and roam), I'd just switch to Sprint. The predictable monthly bill and the unlimited calling to any cell phone carrier in America is pretty sweet.
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    @'s info. I KNEW VZ wasn't gonna pass this, let alone the confirmed photo of the Pixi (suspecting the and the Pre in c40) and the Pre in inventory. I assumer they are just some iphone-wielding jerk, punk-b*tches

    Palm's great news wit the new hires, and the VERY promising webOS + worldwide launches is only Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!
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    By January the pre will be old new no? Unless those that never played with I guess they can look forward to it.

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