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    It seems this is all the buzz on iPhone and Android. Since the compass is magnetic, wouldn't the Touchstone screw-up the compass if the Pre had one?

    Also, would it be possible to integrate a compass into say a special battery that contained the circuitry? I haven't a clue about the hardware exactly.
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    Correct. The way the Touchstone charging is configured as of now, the magnets are in the back. It would be possible with a "Touchstone 2" to move the magnets to the base.

    As for the battery, I doubt it. I haven't torn one apart, but the three-contacts probably leave a very simple setup: power, ground, and temperature. More complicated batteries do have their own circuit in the battery that can communicated back to the device (usually just battery manufacture info), but they usually have at least 4 contacts.
    (Not to say that its impossible with only three contacts. Hell, there are systems that use only one wire to talk both ways.)

    Another possibility is to embed a Bluetooth-connected compass into the battery. The compass would feed directly off the battery. Not exactly elegant, and the Touchstone back would render it useless.
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    the touchstone back is actually not magnetized (or if it is, it's extremely weak) the speaker has a much stronger magnetic field around it than does the touchstone back.
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    it would probably screw it up while on the touchstone. but iphone and android use an electronic compass (basically a magnetic sensor), so there's not something to demagnetize or anything like that, if that's what you're getting at...

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