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    Hi i just got a used pre and would like to put on another carrier my problem is i am following the guide posted on these forums to get the activation bypass, but i cant get qinray custom rom to really work with my pre. My problem is whenever i start the software the phone automatically boots up then i go and turn it off and the software recognizes it and begins the process but when reaches 6% the phone automatically turns on and it quits the application. i havent been able to find a way to avoid this from happening all i can do is turn the phone back off and the same thing happens. Right now all I am getting is a you need to create a palm profile screen, I dont have a palm profile I am trying to bypass this. Can anyone tell me how to get this going, Ive tried looking around but cant find an answer anywhere
  2. #2 is probally the best resource for this, also try the #webos-internals IRC.
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