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    I understand that rooting is gaining access to the operating system more or less.

    What I don't understand is, is this something that is really important to do and why? I've read posts talking about it and get lost/confused, mainly due to the length of the threads and the jumping around inside the thread...

    I have no doubt, I could figure out how to Root my Pre as I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out, I guess I just haven't seen a real benifit yet. I thought about it for the tethering app and the flashlight app, but both of those are now root free, if I am correct. I do enjoy customizing my phone to an extent, but have no desire to write any apps.

    Can someone please explain the benefits, maybe some apps that are only available through rooting....

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    The developers have pretty much made it where you don't have to root your phone to install custom apps now. I use the SSH for quick access to the file system which is nice and convenient which required rooting
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    There is really no need to root anymore. I did it mainly for the ability to forward messages. Now, it's available as a "tweak" in Quick Install.

    My opinion, just download WebOS Quick Install, and with that load Preware onto your Pre, and that should be enough.
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    Aside from changing app icons to match my theme, I hardly ever SSH into the phone anymore.
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    Thanks for the replies. WebOS and Preware is what I have been using. I had filecoaster and something else on my other phone, didn't worry about them this time around.

    Thanks again.

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