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    Is there a way to tab and enter the USB option when plugging in the cable. My screen is broken and non responsive.
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    I saw your post in the other forum. I don't think anyone has the answer for you.

    But I did try somethings out.

    First, I plugged in my USB cable and I can't find any kind of key combo that will select the USB option.

    I guess my question to you is, is your screen totally unusable. If not, if you think if you just tap the areas where the USB button should be, maybe it will take the input even though you don't see the button displayed.

    Also, I do think if you know some Unix, you could use Novaterm and try and get to the directory where your files are located. But at that point I'm not sure if you can copy over to the PC or Mac at that point, since their was never a connection established in the first place.

    Remember, when you are in Developer Mode, the PC or Mac is seeing the Pre as something totally different. And I'm not even sure what that is.

    The one other option since I gather nobody here really knows your answer, or knows that it can't be done, is to call Palm (not Sprint) themselves and explain the problem to them.

    Tell them you are getting the Pre exchanged but you have valuable photos store there and you need those photos even though you will be getting a new Palm Pre to replace this broken one.

    Maybe, they will offer for you to send them the phone and see what they can do.

    There is a phone number to Palm located in the Tip and Tricks message thread!

    Hope this helps you a little.

    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
    - Palm Pre (Sprint) - formally Palm Treo 650
    Sprint Configuration 2.3
    Model: P100EWW
    Hardware Version: A
    Firmware: CC1.4(510)

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    I think this might be a good idea to implement via homebrew. Volume keys to toggle and center buttin to select. Or vol up to toggle and vol down to select.

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