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    Yesterday I had several new emails in my inbox. This morning they are all gone. Not in the trash box either. I had preferences set to show 7 days of email (changed it to All today).

    I do not sync with any PC email at all nor any other email account (Don't use Outlook). I don't even have any online email account. So why did they disappear?
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    I can't answer your question, but the same thing happens to me sometimes. It seems to only do it on my POP account and not my gmail account. Also, I don't ever get all of my emails from my POP account. Is it because I only have it set to get them every hour and they were already recieved by my main PC (but not yet opened)? I can't set my POP account to get all new emails when the arrive. I can set my gmail account to do this.
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    The only reason that this normally happens is because of the sync window. There might be a situation where changing from 7 to All might not trigger the messages that were previously purged to be pulled back.

    One thing that might kick it (although it would be annoying) is to delete and recreate the Email Account with the new All setting and let it redownload. This might fix the flags that are giving you problems.
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