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    I have never had a "smartphone" I have been with Verizon for over 10 years. recently I decided I wanted to look into this whole smartphone thing as most of my friends have either BB's or iPhones. My research had led me to the Pre. I was waiting for Jan. when it was rumored Verizon would get the Pre. Now it looks like that won't happen. Even if it does it seems Verizon does not allow most of the cool stuff to work with their phones anyway. I had no idea of this, as I said I have a dumb phone. It Texts and makes phone calls.

    Anyway, yesterday I went to a Spring store to look at the Pre in person and talk to the Sprint people about switching.

    When the guy found out I had never had a smartphone he tried to talk me out of the Pre and into a BB. He said the transition would be much easier. I left slightly more confused, although when I played with the Pre I liked it. I couldnt figure out the gesture area thing everyone talks about. But I assume I was doing something wrong.

    I am not tech savy at all. For instance I think I would really like a on screen keyboard but even the article here that reads "onscreen keyboard for mortals" seems very involved to me.

    I'm not an *****, I am a auto mechanic by trade, they have a crap load of computers now, I got them handled. But changing code or typing in wierd commands is foreign to me.

    Should I stay away from the Pre? Is a BB easier for a novice to use and get accustomed to?

    Thanks for any advise you can offer.
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    Well, everything really hinges on what you want OUT of the device. It sounds like you are just going status quo, and there is NOTHING wrong with that!

    The Pre, IMO, is a great prosumer device. It can be used as is and you wont need to learn code or anything. If you want more out of the device (that isnt already implemented), there are ways to get those things done. But you havent really expressed what else you want to do than call and text.

    Do NOT get the newly announced and overpriced Instinct when you can get a far more capable Pre for less.

    Here are a couple of things to consider:

    Sprint roams on Verizon's network, so coverage shouldnt be an issue
    The Pre is upgradeable software-wise, and many features will be enabled
    The Pre is super thin and sexy, and might ding your macho automechanic image
    You have to have a data plan when you get a Pre
    Having a smartphone will come with the frustrations of owning a computer, namely the reboots
    Having a smartphone may change your lifestyle in such you will find yourself spending more time with it (as it is a convergence device) and rely more on it

    With all of that said, get the Pre and stick around on these forums (when you have time) to learn more.

    BTW, welcome to the forums!
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    Thread title changed to match the question being asked.
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    I feel that the iPhone, Pre, Android, and Blackberry all have their strengths. But compared to even a few years ago, they are all exceptional.

    They each also have their own warts.

    The iPhone's virtual keyboard sucks and is just not going to get better. I am not even 8 words per minute on the iPhone.

    The Pre's real keyboard is ten times better for me. I can hit about 35 words per minute.

    The iPhone does not have true multi-tasking. It can't flip back and forth between an email, messaging, phone, etc.

    And the iPhone is not going to have an upgrade to add a physical keyboard or multi-tasking.

    The Pre has things I don't like but all can be fixed in software. I chose the Pre not for the 1.1 phone it is but the phone I believe it will be.

    And the fact that I save about $1,000 a year.

    Truth be known, this really comes down to your personal preferences.

    Pick the one you like best.

    - Craig
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    I'd say sure, just make sure you know you will have to either get a better batt. or carry one (or 2) around with you.
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    Though not a smartphone user before, the Pre would definitely still be in your market.

    It is by far the most user freindly smartphone device for people tranferring over from a "dumb" phone.

    WebOS is just powerful yet simple to deal with and everything is starting to hit mainstream. IF you do decide to get this phone, make sure to hit these forums and learn to my this phone your own. IT is the BEST investment you can make for your purchase, the guys here are great and if you ahve any problems/question 99.99% of the time they can help/fix your issue.

    In short BUY THIS wife is coming from a dumb phone too...Samsung RANT...when her contract is up, she is getting a WebOS device hands down.

    Well, a congrats if you get the phone, and welcome to the forums.
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    I never had a smartphone before getting my Pre. I got it originally because I liked the physical keyboard, the large touchscreen, and the sprint contract. I was expecting to mainly use it for phone, text, internet, and email. I was thrilled with how well these things worked and how easy it was.

    Then I started reading stuff here and learned a lot more and now I have a bunch of homebrew apps and tweaks installed to make it better. These things are all great additions, but it was a great phone with lots of potential to get better when Palm does updates if the stuff on this site is intimidating.
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    Sorry I put this in the wrong forum, and I realize there are a hundred "should I buy a Pre" posts already. I guess I thought my question was a little different because I do want a Pre, I thought I had done my research. I was just a bit suprised when the Sprint store guy started trying to talk me into a BB. So I was worried I may have missed something in my research. And the Pre was more geared towards more tech oriented people.

    I love gadgets and stuff I was just a bit worried this may be over my head. But it sounds like, from you guys. It won't be.

    And to answer one of your questions, I do not "need" this phone. I think I "want" this phone because it seems like a really cool toy that hopefully can still operate as the phone I use all the time now. So yes, I am just looking at it because it looks cool and its hip.

    Hope that doesn't make me too much of a poser for you guys!
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    My wife and I just upgraded our phones a couple of months ago. I originally tried to steer her towards a Blackberry because I thought it would be "easier" for her (I knew I wanted a Pre). She took one look at the Pre and said "if you're getting one of those, I want one too". She hasn't had any problems using hers ... although she doesn't use even half the features that I use, mostly just phone, text, and email.

    What's not clear is exactly what you plan to do with the Pre? It's definitely got a big "cool" factor, if that's what you're looking for. Also, if you plan to do web browsing, then BB kinda' sucks, the Pre is among the best. The downsides of a "smart" phone is the cost of the data plan, and the fact that it is a computer in your pocket so it may take a little more "care and feeding" than a simple phone.
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    Really depends on what you are going to do - you might be happier with a cheaper feature phone than a smart phone.
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    If you opt for the Pre, find yourself a few "friends" who can show you how to walk through the phone and it's features. Preferably, someone you know who has the phone so they can show you how/what to do.

    Although most of us here find the Pre among the easiest smartphone to operate, smartphones in general are leaps and bounds more involved/complicated than simply flipping your old phone open and dialing a number.

    If you don't have anyone who can personally talk you though the features, befriend a few people here who are willing to step you through the basics.

    Sprint gives you 30 days to try out. I say find yourself a "buddy" and go for it!!!
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    Or if you don't have a friend with a Pre, you could always read the owner's manual. It's available as a PDF file somewhere I think.

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    I'm a big advocate for smartphones in the hands of geeks AND non-geeks as well. People think they don't need all those fancy features, and for the most part they're right. BUT my experience with people has always been that when they have easy access to a "geek" feature then they use it. Google maps, Threaded SMS, Internet, GPS etc.

    That said, the only two smartphones I've ever recommended to non-geeks are the iPhone and Pre. They're simple to figure out yet extremely powerful shoes to grow into. BB, WinMo, Treo etc are outdated devices that are amazing in the hands of pros but underused in the hands of "normal people".

    My wife is very much a non-geek so it took forever to switch her off a flip phone but now carries a Pre (hates it) and a disabled iPhone that I taught her to tether on Sprint 3G because she loves apps/media/games on it. Smartphones are a real gateway drug to being a full blown nerd.

    Anyway, that's my opinion. Smartphones are awesme and the only reasons someone shouldn't have one is if they can't afford it or they're clumsy (because these things are fragile in comparison to regular cells).
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    Quote Originally Posted by macjazzy View Post
    And to answer one of your questions, I do not "need" this phone. I think I "want" this phone because it seems like a really cool toy that hopefully can still operate as the phone I use all the time now. So yes, I am just looking at it because it looks cool and its hip.

    Hope that doesn't make me too much of a poser for you guys!
    Forget the cool and hip part , it is a serious pocket internet device that can do multi tasking in an elegant fashion.
    And BTW GPS is included , not like some other carriers :-)

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