Sorry for all the ???????
1)Is there a single app that will give you control to change sounds and alerts to ringtones, calendar alerts, email, SMS, unknown numbers, individual contacts, etc..? I have 3 apps on my phone that does a little of each.

2)Also i can not figure out why during a call and I receive a SMS message and the alert goes off during the call? Normally it would chime or vibrate during a call onmost phones. I understand how to turn this off, but it is an all or nothing. It is alot of redundant work, turning off on call then when off call turning back on.

3) Is there a way to mute the phone after it rings without flipping the vibrate button? I work on-call alot with work and the ringer for some reason has to run its course. After ringing, why can't it be mutedby clicking one of the side buttons? This has to be a huge problem with everyone.