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    You can get a Palm Pre for $99 with a 2 yr. contract over at if you don't prefer Wirefly for some reason.
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    Wish I saw that before posting. Oh well, redundancy isn't always bad.
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    So..umm...what's this mean for the Pixi? A low price point was Palm's purpose for it right?

    I suppose it means Pixi can't be'll have to go lower. 49? Free?
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    I could definitely see the Pixi being offered for a weird price like 79.99 just like they did to the Hero for a tag of 179.99.
    Oh, I would love to see the Pixi being offered to SERO customers. At least let us have the Pixi if our peers are going to rub the Pre and Hero in our faces?! Does anyone have confirmation on the Palm Pixi plan requirement yet?
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