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    You know, before June 6th I had just a regular garbage samsung "dumb" phone because quite frankly, I didn't know any better. Now as I sit here listening to my accuradio, and playing the good ole pre central apps M;mafia, M;vampire and Dungeon quest ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I can't help but wonder? I wonder if it's a combination of trolls, fan boys or just smartphone users that just can't be patient for the apps come in for the pre?? Whether it's just people that wan't Palm to fail or that they just truly don't like the pre?

    Then I was thinking about the people to "claim" that they had to return their phone 8-10-12-20-100 times because of this, that, or the other. Just thinking about that??? I have had my pre since launch, my 17 year olds a week later and my wifes for just over a month now and not 1 problem! Well, I take that back... My son's phone froze about a month and a half ago and all he did was reset it and BINGO, back to normal. This is a kid that has dropped his phone probably a dozen times with no screen or phone protector and he texted over 9,000 times last month, has about 30 homebrew apps, 10 Palm apps, 50 pics, 2 email accounts, 450 songs that he downloaded thanks to the Itunes sync and still has 5gb available? He loves his phone and loves to show it off at school. Yes the 3Gs is a great phone as well and they both have great selling points but guess what?? He has converted some of his friends to the pre.

    Now as I sit here listening to a little Eddie Money in the 80's section of accuradio killing pimps, dragon slayers and vampire suckers, I'm starting to think that maybe the Palm pre (version 1) just wasn't for you? I hear seemingly minor complaints "Oh Palm won't talk to me and give me updates everyday" or "The pre should have a trackball" or I wan't a kizzillion apps right now!! Whaaa! But seriously, maybe it's YOU who didn't do the research and just got the wrong phone? Whine, whine, whine, troll, troll, troll! I'm beginning to think that 10 pct have legitamate complaints, 20-25 pct of you are trolls, 50 pct love their pre (like me) and maybe 15-20 pct of you should've just waited or gotten another phone because it's not just the right phone for you.

    Well guess what? The Palm pre is for me! And I would like to personally thank, Palm, Sprint, all of you hard working homebrew app developers out there working for free (may all of your apps find their way to the official catalog!). Last but not least, I would like to thank the precentral website, for having a place to go for a phone dumb person like me and help me figure out things (like the hombrew app install) I love you guys man. Now I'm going to head on out now while listening to a little Journey! Great Song to close out on, and it can easily apply to both Palm and us pre users "Don't Stop Believin"

    Later all
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    Great Post M8, Love Seeing these kinds of post are on the rise.
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    Very well said!
    Sadlly switched from Pre- to Sprint Nexus S 4G - An 32Gb Touchpad
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!
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    Personally, I think the #1 problem with all these complaints is unreasonable expectations.

    A lot of folks seem to think that....

    • sliders should be as tight as the robots that build CPUs
    • batteries the size of a matchbook should last for 80 hours of continuous use while multitasking and continuously connected to the web
    • it's completely unreasonable for any percentage of any product to be defective
    • releasing updates several times as fast as any of the competition is still far too slow
    • they need to be able to carry around enough music on their cell phone that they could play continuously for a week at a time without repeating a song
    • that it is the manufacturer's fault when the rumor mill is wrong
    • that it is the manufacturer's fault when homemade apps and patches don't work flawlessly
    • it's the developer's fault when they fail to follow directions
    • that any device that isn't perfect, or is missing one arcane feature that hardly anybody uses, is completely useless
    • that it's okay to buy an expensive and complicated device without doing any research about features that are important to you, and then get ****ed when it doesn't meet your needs.

    You know what? The Pre IS for me too. I love my Pre. It's the first smart phone to draw me away from carrying a separate phone and PDA, which I did for a decade. But then, I did my homework before I purchased.
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    I have owned a lot of smart phones including the iphone 3g.

    I have to say, the pre is something else

    I got my brother to switch to the pre from his tour and he was complaining about it for the first 2-3 days while he had to get everything synced up without outlook that google application and all that annoying stuff

    Guess what, he said after using the pre you can't go to any of those phones that me and him have owned and you know what. He's right.

    You don't realize it but the phone makes everything so easy and convinient for you.

    I say everyone who is complaining about your pre try going to your instinct or your blackberry and see if you can stand it for 3 days.

    After getting the mugen 1400mah battery i get almost 19 hours, everything you have a problem with on this phone can be fixed and thats what makes this such a great phone.
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    just because certain people *ahem* have gone through x amount of pres doesn't mean they hate it. i LOVE my wins
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    i've gone through 2 and on my third 1, my first one didn't have a problem was my fault that i scratched it but i wanted to return it cuz they where still giving out brand new in the box not refurb

    2nd had the oreo effect so i returned it on the spot

    and now on my third and im loving it
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    You said you had a Samsung dumb phone and didn't know any better before the Pre.

    Now you're telling everyone what's really up. Nice.
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    I love my Pre... I'm usually not one to buy a 1st generation device, but I'm glad I did this time. The Pre is outstanding, especially for it being brand new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    I'm not trying to be an a**....
    Then you might want to edit out that really rude bit about the motel room......

    Also, what are you disagreeing with? The fact that he likes his Pre? That his wife and son do as well? That they haven't had any problems? What is there to disagree with.

    I think you may have purchased yourself the wrong phone.
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    hotel, motel, holiday inn
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    Good post. I highly enjoyed having 12 cards open the other day when it was needed, 8 of them .pdf files that I had to keep swiping back and forth from checking rosters and schedules for people. Then I would swipe over to the browser to check things online, then the weather, then my contact list. Sure beat flipping through papers out in the middle of a field. Sure, after a couple hours of that it pretty much killed my battery, but then I was heading back home where I could charge it. Made for a good day of soccer.
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    I also never had a smartphone b4. I've been with sprint from 1996 so i wasnt going to leave them anyway... there plans are much more simple to understand and everything you need is in the plan no extra data plan to add on ... the pre is a great phone had mine since day 1, never had any issues with it and like may have said opening multiple cards is the coolest thing. the limited 8gigs is to me a downer just because it would have been a cool feature to have. in this day in age should have been done imo... but just leaves something to look forward to next years when the pre2 comes out ... ditto one pre central and homebrewers... keep up the good work and i thank you guys for the work you guys do...
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    I have had all 3 versions of the iPhone. My first iPhone 1st gen had no problems. I had the iPhone 3G and had the screen replaced for dust under it. I now am on my second iPhone 3GS for the same issue. I brought it to Apple, they replaced the screen on my 32GB 3GS and then the ear speaker buzzed to the point where it distorted conversations. I brought it back to APple and they gave me a new 3GS.

    My point is no phone is perfect. I keep the iPhone in a case3 in my pocket. It was never dropped and treated quite well. I do case reviews on all the time and switch a lot of cases, but this should not cause dust.

    I love my Apple products, but to think a phone is perfect when it is mass produced is just unreasonable. I am still considering the Pre as I am not a fan of AT&T and have had Sprint for 8 years prior to iPhone. Thanks for this post.
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    You are so right!!! Great post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by notaphonegeek View Post

    Well guess what? The Palm pre is for me! And I would like to personally thank, Palm, Sprint, all of you hard working homebrew app developers out there working for free (may all of your apps find their way to the official catalog!). Last but not least, I would like to thank the precentral website, for having a place to go for a phone dumb person like me and help me figure out things (like the hombrew app install) I love you guys man.

    Later all
    I agree with everything you said but in particular your last paragraph.
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    If anything, its only a post to remind us that people view things from different perspectives. He came from a "garbage samsung dumbphone." So did many other Pre owners on Sprint who may have a had an Instinct or similar dumbphone. These guys are probably tickled to death about the Palm Pre.

    Then you got ones who've been with WM, RIM, Palm OS, or Apple. These are a bit more critical.

    You know, when the iphone first came out, it wasn't what i would call a smartphone. And I didn't think much of their users, most of which seemed very mainstream. It started becoming one with 2.0 and now with most basic features & a variety of apps, its right up there especially if jailbroken. Even now, its hard to find a forum for iphone that's worthwhile. I usually only read the a few blogs.

    The Pre, with homebrew and with apps quickly growing is a smartphone from day one. It's pretty nice seeing Treocentral switch so fast and become an important part of it. Sure, the hardware needs refined, the OS & core apps need updates and a few standard features need added, but its a pretty good start considering that right now it manages to impress the new smartphone users well enough.

    Verizon rumors mention sales as a reason why they don't want the Pre. I would still argue its because Palm/Sprint have done a very poor job of selling it. And would also add that they need to go more directly against Apple. Instead of subtle things, be more direct. Think apple vs microsoft commercials. If Apple ever responds with commercials targeting Palm, then its a big win for Palm. Show off the Pre while poking holes at the iphone. Every tech site would run Palm's newest "fun" potshot at Apple if publicity is what they want.

    Why the iphone? Because Palm can't escape being compared to them. Too much ex-apple blood, the ongoing itunes thing, the media loves it, etc. So give it to them Palm and go all in.
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    I am a BB Tour > Pre convert. Don't get me wrong I liked the Tour, The thing is it just was not a "Fun" Phone. The Pre is such a Fun Phone but it has a geeky side to it as well (HomeBrew, SSH, Linux based etc..)
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    Nice post. There is no way I have any sympathy for these folks that brag about 5 to 50 returns. Frankly its making this board boring with all the whiners. I love this board, but for every constructive thread you have to wade through 3-4 complaint, useless, gone-over-a-million-times-about-updates threads. For these phone return braggard/complainers, its statisticly impossible for that many phones to be bad with one owner. I applaud Palm-Sprint for coddling these "customers" psychosis.
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    I love my Pre as well. Best phone I've ever had by far. While I do get tired of all unreasonable complaints sometimes I think it is good to push Palm to be better.
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