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    This problem just started last night. Has any one else see this. It started with just a brighter screen on the bottom and now you can actually see streaks of ? comming down from the top. This is so dissapointing. I really do love my pre!!!!!
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    go to sprint and see if they will return it, or try talking to palm
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    Let this be a warning to all of you hammering the update server.

    Sorry dude, that sucks... warranty time.
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    I know. I just need to find the time tomorrow to get to a sprint store!
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    Here is a better picture from my camera. You can really see the matrix style lines going down the screen.
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    Took my pre in and sprint said they would order me a new phone. Now the leakage has gone away, so im not sure what happend
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    i think the leakage comes from the phone heating up...i have leakage on the bottom of my screen and it only shows when my phone gets really hot
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    well im sure sprint will replace it
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