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    Please help...

    The Google option on the universal search always brings up a Google page in matter what settings (web or regional) I try to change.

    Can somebody help me change the default Google settings back to English?

    Thank you.
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    Happens to me. The way that I get around it is by going to device info and then a partial erase. it is kind of a pain in the **** but it works. You could also load google in the full mode and go through on your computer as to how to change language settings. The reset isn't a problem for me doesn't wipe anything except application settins. Good luck brah.
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    I used webos doctor and now mine is coming up the same way. What's weird is that before it never did that. Weird
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    Mine did that all the time in the beginning. I can't remember exactly how I did it. I think I would navigate to Google classic and go from there to change the language settings. I had to do it a few time but eventually it just started working again. Hope this helps!
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    Mine started doing this also today! Argh!
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    I can't believe there are no better suggestions. AH! So freaking annoying.

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