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    The topic speaks for itself. I have been getting the newer builds, but I still get that bloody oreo effect. I'm so tempted to figure out how to mod the insides with stronger material so it doesn't happen to me.

    Anywho, has anyone here exchanged their Pre at the Best Buy using their insurance plan? I bought their insurance and I just want to make sure it will be a quick swap, not send it in for repair.
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    I did, but it was within the first 30 days, so I don't know if that is different. It was a quick swap (This was in June... they called me as soon as they had one in stock, then we swaped them).
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    i think its just the way the device is built. my bell pre has slight oreo but the demo at the store was worse so i cant complain. I wish it didnt have any oreo but meh. seems like 1 in 10 have no oreo.
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    No oreo here!
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    I am on my fourth Pre!! Still love the phone tho!
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    I'm going on my third pre, the current pre is a refurb where some of the buttons would intermittently work. C,M,Enter among others work when they want to.
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    My first pre had keyboard lamination issues. Now my phone won't work without bluetooth or wired headset.I had same problem with my treo.
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    eight is the magic number 'round these parts.

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