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    After you dial a number & put the phone to your face to the screen supposed to go to sleep, or go black? I thought I remembered it doing that, but it's not now & it's driving me crazy. I'm always two-way dialing the person I'm on the phone w/ or hanging up on them or pulling up their contact info when I press the phone to my face.
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    yes, it should goto sleep with the prox sensor. If not, its either not picking things up (working) or you're moving the phone enough for it to execute other commands.

    Try this: call your voicemail, while the annoying voice on the other end is rambling, put your finger hear the ear piece, to the right side of it. The screen should turn off.

    Now, i dont know if this sensor is photo-sensitive, inductance-sensitive, or what... but putting your finger on or near there should black-out the screen before you even touch the phone.
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    I had the same problem. Just go to a sprint store and show them the issue. They will order your replacement or give you a new one on the spot. Its the proximity sensor.
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    Thanks Phreak. You made me realize this black skin I have on the face must be covering up the prox sensor that I didn't know existed. Peeled off the top & it started working again.

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