View Poll Results: Will you move from VZW to Sprint for a webOS device?

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  • With VZW now, willing to try Sprint if VZW won't carry webOS

    26 24.30%
  • With VZW now, want webOS device, but not leaving VZW after contract

    7 6.54%
  • With VZW now, not interested in webOS

    1 0.93%
  • Not with VZW

    73 68.22%
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    Quote Originally Posted by xorg View Post
    You can roam up to half of your minutes (I think up to 800m if on unlimited). Your friend likely either had his phone forced not to roam or the PRL (roam list) was not up to date. Many older phones don't auto update PRL. Sprint really can roam on Verizon if turned on and with updated PRL. Sprint has the best roaming agreements of any carrier. I was able to get signal in very obscure places in Montana and South Dakota on a trip a couple summers ago. Friend with ATT didn't work in some spots. Can also roam on Alltel EVDO.

    i can speak from experience that there really are places that you can get verizon service but a sprint phone will not in the real world roam. Fringe areas where you just DO NOT roam on verizon.

    I suspect there are areas that sprint thinks there service is "good enough" so they dont allow to save money or perhaps verizon will not permit roaming in certain areas so they can keep a leg up in coverage. It may also be that in a fringe area the sprint phones keep trying to hook onto the sprint tower so they ignore verizon (never tried but forcing to roam only would fix this).

    Real world examples- more rural areas of western NJ- near Lambertville and Ringos NJ. Not a big deal at all- who the hec is very out in the boonies there- laughing? But more problematic are deep inside buildings- elevators and the like in more urban areas, and the very common one i get all the time are NY City subway stations. Frequently you can get verizon's 800mhz signal down in the stations on the platforms but your sprint phone just wont roam for whatever reason.

    If it's a big city then sprints netwrok is fine by itself. And if you are very rural (unlike NJ) and there are no sprint towers you do roam on Sprint. But the fringie areas not so much. So it all depends on exactly where people use their phones. People who aren't sure should get a sprint phone and try it, it might just work perfectly for them in their normal use areas. There is a small chance it wont. But they will never know if they dont try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnote1287 View Post
    Been with sprint for a few years now. still lovin them. one thing i dont understand tho.....when ppl say "better coverage" are they referring to 2-3 bars vs 4-5? or are they talking about no service vs service?

    because honestly i get 2 bars where i live and sprints 3g is still pretty long as you GET a signal 2+ bars it seems to be speedy enough for roommate has an iphone3GS and gets full signal in our apt and my phone still keeps up with website loading speeds pretty well despite slightly weaker bars
    better coverage IMHO means that sprint phones have a signal (either sprints or roaming) 99+ percent of the time that verizon would. But there are SMALL areas where you just wont get coverage on a sprint phone. If it's not someplace that you normally go then it matters not to you. If it happens to be your house or your office that sprint doesn't work than you do notice it.

    There's a tiny difference but to most people they just wont notice it because they never go to those areas.
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