View Poll Results: Will you move from VZW to Sprint for a webOS device?

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  • With VZW now, willing to try Sprint if VZW won't carry webOS

    26 24.30%
  • With VZW now, want webOS device, but not leaving VZW after contract

    7 6.54%
  • With VZW now, not interested in webOS

    1 0.93%
  • Not with VZW

    73 68.22%
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    I ditched Verizon on launch day and never looked back. So far the Sprint/Pre combo has been nothing but good.
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    I actually gave Verizon $95 on 6/6/09 to let me take my number to Sprint for a Pre. Why deal w/ verizon's prices and gimped phones?
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    Vz prices are high now. I wonder what will happen if they get the iphone. Will they be as bad as at&t or worst...hum
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    If the coverage in your area is adequate, Sprint is offering more bang for the buck, in my opinion. Coverage in my area, Hawaii, is good from all carriers, so its all about what you get for the money.
    When I switched from VZ i heard horror stories about customer service and coverage and it scared me. But I will say coverage has been good and I have called customer service and been to an a actual customer service (tech) repair store and thus far I have always spoken to someone who lives in the US and speaks great english, and have received follow up calls.
    Nothing bad to say about VZ, only more expensive and relentlessly look to charge you for options the phone may have built in.

    I switched and have been extremely happy.
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    June 23rd - I switched from verizon to get rid of my LG Dare and move onto sprint to own my Palm Pre.

    Best choice ever made

    Good service everywhere besides my house, but I have an airave as of today so thats fixed.
    Amazing phone - best out there and the for-sure winner of most potential in a phone.

    Good choice to switch.
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    I was with Verizon for 13 years. When my husband saw this phone, without hesitation, he said "we have to get this phone". We hadn't had a contract with Verizon for a long time just in case we decided to change carriers. We had Treo 700ps for a few years, with no data plan and no texting because it was so expensive. Now we have it all and we love it. I always wanted to be able to go online with the touch of a button, but I didn't think he would ever want to change carriers.
    Palm Pre (her)
    Palm Pre (his)
    I have Sprint and proud of it!
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    I tried out the Pre in early August as I wanted a better phone than my Centro which kept crashing. Verizon's network definitely is more expansive, however if you live in the major cities and you don't travel in the rural areas you should be pretty good. First impressions with the Pre was that it was cool, then the reality hit, the apps are not all there yet, plus email was not as feature rich as Chatteremail. I got used to the limitations after 3 weeks and decided to finally take the jump, especially since Sprint said that they would give me $100 bucks and also announced that the pre was now 50 bucks cheaper. I went back to the Radio Shack store got my credit and switched my Verizon phone number over. It's a great number so will keep it forever. The switch over was a bit painful as my phone didn't register properly because Sprint gives temporary number and voicemail did not work by just clicking on the voicemail icon. Sprint didn't know that, till a very senior level engineer got on the phone with me and told me about the temporary number issue and that their switch over system was delayed probably because of the number of users switching that day. However finally the 2nd day it worked fine, I was afraid that they lost my number in the switch. As far as customer service, I like Sprint's customer service, they are pretty responsive, however not always knowledgeable. Verizon's is no better in fact sometime worse as the Indian outsourced company doesn't always understand me or vice versa. Sprint definitely offers more as they now offer free wireless to wireless calls even between network providers. Their data service is as good or faster than Verizon's. I don't believe Sprint is as restrictive in their ways like Verizon as Verizon wants to control your access to applications, ringtones, etc and i know that if they got the Pre they would control access to which App Stores and what programs. The Pre in my opinion will be one hell of a Smartphone as soon as more applications are released, especially ones which support corporate users. Exchange integration is very nice, with calendaring, contacts, and email being synched. I can browse and actually use the web for work now instead of guessing where I'm tapping and non javascript support was a big issue for the Centro browsers. If you're going to switch, I'd highly recommend it and I haven't looked back. I'm so glad I did instead of being baited to stay then finding out that they were not going to supply the Pre after my contract ran out for months.
    I lurked on the forums much here as well as on other Pre forums and am glad I did as I got the phone for cheap, have the airave on back order so that I can finally use my phone at my house, and also be educated on the new up and coming apps as well as understanding how to customize my Pre.
    Precentral is great! Pre is very nice, Sprint is definitely a good competitor to Verizon and I've been loyal to Verizon for so long, however I got duped. Their network isn't that much more coverage in my opinion. If you're on Verizon... come on over to Sprint and I don't think you'll regret it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merton View Post
    First, people say Sprint can roam (for free) on Verizon's towers. I am not doubting this, however, I know someone at my old work (his work phone is on Sprint), and he said on a business trip, his Sprint phone had no service, while his personal phone (Verizon) had service. One was in his left hand, the other was in his right hand.
    You can roam up to half of your minutes (I think up to 800m if on unlimited). Your friend likely either had his phone forced not to roam or the PRL (roam list) was not up to date. Many older phones don't auto update PRL. Sprint really can roam on Verizon if turned on and with updated PRL. Sprint has the best roaming agreements of any carrier. I was able to get signal in very obscure places in Montana and South Dakota on a trip a couple summers ago. Friend with ATT didn't work in some spots. Can also roam on Alltel EVDO.
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    Maybe this is jumping off course in this topic a little....but I really cant see Apple putting out an Iphone for Verizon. Just seems like Verizon wants to gimp phones to their control.....and what do you do with the Apple App store??? Verizon's biggest thing is that they want to push their apps, so what happens to those thousands of apps out there??

    All Verizon wants is the OS's of the phones, and nothing I dont see how well that fairs in Apple's and Palms eyes.
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    A month ago I left Verizon after poor customer service, constant billing screw ups and high rates became too much for a 3 line account to handle. We took the 3 lines to Sprint, got 2 Pre's and a Curve, and cut our bill by just over 50%. I got tired of their weak PDA selection and restricted features. Signal was never an issue with either carrier, the bottom line is money.

    Verizon made no attempt to keep a 9 year old account by offering any discounts. Our final bill from VZW came out to close to $1000. There were no cell charges in that bill, just random charges (like a replacement PDA that was shipped to the wrong address months ago). I've lost days of my life talking to their billing department. Good riddance.
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    Question... Would you let Verizon gimp your phone and make it work like a piece of crap.
    Giving your phone a bad rep.
    Or would you tell them that it will work the way it was designed or you will not get it.
    This was the case with Apple and Verizon.
    Maybe Palm told Verizon to go pound sand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rfceo View Post
    Question... Would you let Verizon gimp your phone and make it work like a piece of crap.
    Giving your phone a bad rep.
    Or would you tell them that it will work the way it was designed or you will not get it.
    This was the case with Apple and Verizon.
    Maybe Palm told Verizon to go pound sand.
    RIM has no problems getting their phones on the Verizon network ungimped now. Same with HTC and Samsung smartphones. Maybe if Palm were bigger or had some real clout Verizon would take them a little more seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merton View Post
    This is really the main reason I have no problem with Verizon. Plus, I am on a family plan and get their family plan pricing which is not too bad (it is not as cheap as some of the other companies, but the coverage is great).

    Just to throw out another example of why I rather have good coverage than a good smart phone. My neighbor has an iPhone, and when he comes into my house, he has no reception in my living room. He literally lives right across the street. I can walk to his house in 10 seconds (literally). The one day he missed several important calls, and when he got home he had multiple voice mails.

    (Again, I am not trying to imply Sprint is any worse than Verizon or AT&T. I am just simply stating i rather have good coverage than a smart phone [plus I find that story amusing haha])
    You said "I rather have good coverage than a good smart phone."

    So I say, "why the heck are you even on this forum".

    Its called precentral, basically a website totally dedicated to a smart phone.

    You should be on or something.
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    I actually just switched as of Monday. I had never had a "smartphone" and I called verizon and asked if the could price match the Sprint everything plan for $70. Without any delay of further conversation, they stated no they would not price match and ASKED ME if I wanted to cancel my service with them. So I said yes, and haven't looked back. I was with VZW for 10 years
  15. prekent's Avatar
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    Already switched. There was a way to get out of ETF in june, so i jumped on it.
  16. pktechguy's Avatar
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    Already switched and haven't looked back. The Pre rocks on the Sprint network.
  17. danstah's Avatar
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    Already did on launch day 6/6 and have not looked back. I have so many feature now for cheaper. The customer service is actually better and other than a few more dropped calls i cannot complain
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    Quote Originally Posted by number1pete View Post
    You said "I rather have good coverage than a good smart phone."

    So I say, "why the heck are you even on this forum".

    Its called precentral, basically a website totally dedicated to a smart phone.

    You should be on or something.

    I didn't say I don't want a smart phone. I said if I had to choose between good coverage OR a cool smartphone (and could not have both), I would choose good coverage.

    If you read my entire post, and you can understand basic english, you can see that I clarified that I did not want to imply it is not possible to have both good coverage and a cool smart phone on another network.

    I can tell you with certainty, Sprint's network in my area is not as good as Verizon's. I know this for a fact from asking friends that have Sprint. Plus where I used to work, they had Sprint as their business phone partner. Trust me, I would love a Pre, but when I need to make an important call, I rather have a signal than a cool phone that can browse the web. Maybe everyone I talked to had their phone set up to not roam on Verizon's network, I have no idea.

    And yes, this is coming from a "tech geek". I am actually a software developer and would love to develop for the Pre (if I only had a webOS phone so I could use my own software).
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    Been with sprint for a few years now. still lovin them. one thing i dont understand tho.....when ppl say "better coverage" are they referring to 2-3 bars vs 4-5? or are they talking about no service vs service?

    because honestly i get 2 bars where i live and sprints 3g is still pretty long as you GET a signal 2+ bars it seems to be speedy enough for roommate has an iphone3GS and gets full signal in our apt and my phone still keeps up with website loading speeds pretty well despite slightly weaker bars
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    Left VZE specifically for the palm and the dramatically lower price of sprint. So far it's not that bad, but I see why the call it the now you can talk, now you can't.
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