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    Hello there PreCentral users!

    I'm looking to buy the Pre within these next couple days but I was worried about defective hardware. I'm also looking to purchase directly from a Sprint store.

    My questions to you today are:

    1) Do they charge you a restocking fee or can you just recieve an exchange for your faulty Pre?
    2) What kind of build issues qualify me to exchange the Pre, if I get a faulty one?

    Hope to hear your feedback! I'm really looking forward to getting this new innovative device SOON!

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    One more question....

    Do they replace your Pre with something they have in their in-store inventory or have people had to wait for Palm/Sprint to ship them a new one?
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    Sprint will replace the phone (exchange) within 30days no questions asked AS LONG AS it is faulty and not abused.

    Here are a few issues for exchange:
    1) Dead Pixels
    2) Oreo effect, bad slider, etc
    3) dead buttons, keyboard, battery
    4) resetting issues
    5) cracked screens (if no sign of abuse shown) etc etc etc

    After 30days you are at the mercy of the store and reps...if it is MFR defect then if can get replaced. I would recommend the TEP just in case...that way if anything happens after 30 days you can get another for $100 instead of $550 if soemthing happens they wont cover.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluidity View Post
    One more question....

    Do they replace your Pre with something they have in their in-store inventory or have people had to wait for Palm/Sprint to ship them a new one?
    Either...depends on how long ago it was...30day they do instore if they have, afterwards it usually is a wait but not always.

    So far from what I have heard...Sprint has been very good about everything and taking care of its customers...just dont screw them around, and wreck it for the rest of the crowd. You might get the occasional jerk in there...just try another store....most are really nice. Also make sure if you needhelp with the Pre to go the a repair store...not a resale store.
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    I think you're going to find two things-- it's gotten a lot better in the last couple months, and you're still very dependent on the store that you go to.

    It seems like they've basically fessed up to a lot of the problems as being design flaws, and now that they've caught up on inventory, they're less stingy about losing a potential sale to correct Palm's issues.

    When I replaced my cracked screen, it was right around that turning point-- I'd read the horror stories of people who couldn't convince the managers that it wasn't their fault, and was completely prepared for a fight at the store, but they replaced mine on the spot with a new phone and no charges.

    If you can, buy the phone from a large Sprint store with a repair center in it-- if you have to go back, you're the guy who made that store money in the first place, the repair center can quickly verify your claim, and they're more likely to have inventory in stock to replace it.

    I wouldn't get it from Radio Shack, they seemed to have the worst list of horror stories on returns. Best Buy also seemed to be hit or miss, and used returns as a way to get you to buy the extended service contracts.

    Worst case, the thing has a 1-year Palm warranty, but then you're waiting on the phone to get someone, and will have to wait on shipping etc.
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    haha. LOL at the random pic.

    Thanks on the feedback! Greatly appreciated!

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