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    Can someone me get RealPlayer on my Pre? When I go to the RealPlayer website to downloand RealPlayer SP. My Pre tells me it "Cannot find an application which can open this file".
    Any help is appreciated.
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    You can't run RealPlayer on the pre.
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    Well that takes care of that. Is there anyway to run WMA files?
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    haha, I cannot believe you tried to download a WMA file to a pre. Its not a Win Mobile device, haha
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    I know that. I'm just wondering if there is anyway to play that type of file.
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    you can convert wma to mp3, which the pre supports

    try this: Free WMA to MP3 Converter - Freeware convert WMA to MP3.
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    Cool, thanks!
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    RealPlayer is the devil, and should never be installed on any device or computer.... EVER.

    Seriously, it's full of security holes and it's a resource hog.
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    Audio formats supported by the Pre -

    Supported Audio Formats - webOSdev Palm


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    Princess Leia (Lois): [recording her message on R2-D2] Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. you're my only hope. All right, now what do I click?
    R2-D2 (Cleveland): Click "Preferences". [she does so]
    Princess Leia (Lois): Okay, I clicked "Preferences".
    R2-D2 (Cleveland): Now go to "Default Media Browser". [she does]
    Princess Leia (Lois): Okay. There's a little hourglass and it's-it's not letting me do anything. It-it says "Buffering", what is that?
    R2-D2 (Cleveland): Just give it a minute.
    Princess Leia (Lois): All I'm trying to do is make an MPEG.
    R2-D2 (Cleveland): All I'm trying to do is tell you to wait a minute.
    Princess Leia (Lois): Okay, relax.
    R2-D2 (Cleveland): Now click, "Import Video File".
    Princess Leia (Lois): All right. [she does] It's telling me I have to download RealPlayer 7.

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