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    cant find one anywhere. Just wondering. Seems pretty basic. i miss my centro one.
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    at the sorry
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    Does seem very basic, and 8gb of memory leaves a lot of room for recording lectures etc.

    Unfortunately, I've heard many devs complaining that there is no way to access the microphone with software....yet. This will likely be available in the future tho
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    I've noticed that if you run the interactive tests, it does test the microphone and asks you to speak. You can then play back what you just recorded, and it sounds crystal clear and much higher quality than a phone conversation. I have a feeling the functionality is there, but is an undocumented palm call for now... I would love a voice note app...
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    ^Great point!

    I forgot it did i can def. see this API being added to the SDK eventually.
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    yeah it's weak they can't harness the microphone for the user. i compare to my boss's iphone all the time.. and obviously the pre is my preferrence w/ superior OS, email, sms, calendar, speed, etc... but as a recording / live musician, the ability to record / manipulate audio, video, and images is by FAR superior on the iPhone. is that just a matter of hardware, or is mac just always better @ those aspects?
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    As mentioned in other threads, SoundRec in Classic works
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    Until Palm releases an official SDK API for mic access, you won't see a Palm sanctioned app for the App Catalog. The Precorder app can currently record two minutes (for now) so that is some limited functionality, but we are working to fix the 2 minute bug. Once the app progresses we will develop a homebrew audio recording app. It will be basic, but should do the job.

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