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    got my pre pn june 6th, still using it today.

    just wanted to share.

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    Me 2 :-)
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    Same here.
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    Also on my launch day Pre.
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    I'm afraid to jinx mine by saying it, but I got mine the day the telesales started, and its the only one I've had

    I curse you all if it breaks because of this post!!!
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    I'll post for my dad - he's still on his launch day Pre. (I'm on my third, but the first swap was my own dumb fault, not a Palm equipment failure.)
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    Ditto. Still in great condition, too, other than a small crack by the front speaker... My fault- forgot I had my work phone in a small cargo pocket and jammed my Pre into the same pocket out of habit w/out thinking. D'oh!
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    Give it time, you'll be swapping it soon enough.
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    Me too but I think the majority of us are still using our launch day Pre's. As is always the case with technology forums you only hear about the problems not the good.

    My launch day Pre is still perfect in all respects. It does not even have a screen protector or case and I keep it in my pocket and it has yet to scratch. Wish I could say the say for my iTouch. That screen scratches every time I look at.
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    These posts make me feel good
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    I am still on my launch day Pre.
    There are two dead pixels and the light is leaking from the bottom of the screen.

    Doesn't bother me that much.
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    Count me in. Still enjoying it. Still lovin it.
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    Bought on launch day. On #9 now!
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    One day you're sitting on top of the world. The next, you find a stress crack along the USB port. Then you get to watch it grow. Talk to it a bit. Make friends.
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    Add me to the bunch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Give it time, you'll be swapping it soon enough.
    That is a positive attitude to have I got my Pre on July 1st and it is still working flawless for me. The only issue I have had is the phone getting stuck in headset mode twice which I easily fixed both times with about 5 minutes of research on my part. My slider has a tiny but of play but you know what, I don't care because the phone works fine.

    If build quality was such an issue, shouldn't I have destroyed my phone the first time I dropped it on concrete from five feet off the ground? Or how about the dozen times I have dropped it on other hard surfaces? I realize it would be frustrating exchanging phones multiple times but if build quality issues are really as bad as some people claim Palm would bankrupt right now
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    My gf has my "close to launch" phone....still going strong.
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    Got mine on launch day and have had minimal problems. Love it!
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